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Buying a Home in Central Oregon

If you’re in the market to buy a home, we’ll help you find the home that fits your needs and most of all, budget. Your home will likely be the largest investment you ever make, so even after you've closed on your property and moved in, it's important to stay on top of what the overall market is doing, as well as what's happening in your neighborhood. 

We're not one of those real estate companies that will tell you it's the perfect time for you to buy a home in Redmond, Oregon, or Bend, Oregon, no matter what your situation. Do we believe in the value of home ownership? Yes, of course we do. But, it's important to consider all of your options and to go into the process thoughtfully informed.


Home Buyers

Tips and tricks go a long way when navigating the booming Central Oregon real estate market. Consider your timeline, avoid common mistakes, and find your perfect neighborhood. So, when it comes to finding the home you've been dreaming of or understanding the local home-buying market. We can help you through this process.  

Home Loans

One of the most important facets of homebuying is financial readiness. We offer a wide range of local lenders in the area that can help you get the loan you need for your budget, down payment and perfect mortgage payments you are looking for. We will also help you understand interest rates and closing costs. With the Dustin Hewitt Real Estate Team on your side, we will make it stressfree and help you every step of the way. 


Home Offer and

The timeline between making an offer on a home and closing on a home is typically about 45 days. The seller accepts your offer or will counteroffer. If the offer is accepted, the seller takes the house off the market when you make an earnest money deposit. You'll schedule an inspection while the lender takes care of the appraisal and title search.

"We sold our home with Dustin Hewitt Homes and it was a smooth easy process. Dustin posted our home on social media and had it listed for what we wanted. It sold sooner than we hoped and he and his real estate team found us the perfect location to build our new home. We used Dustin because he knows the market and has lived here in Central Oregon his whole life."

Dan M. - Redmond, Oregon

Closing on a Home

The final step in your home purchase process is one of the most exciting, but can also conceal unplanned costs or problems. Make sure you are prepared for this exciting milestone. On closing day, the ownership of the property is transferred to you, the buyer. This day consists of transferring funds from escrow, providing mortgage and title fees, and updating the deed of the house to your name.

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